The biggest topic for discussion in the marine world during 2023 has surely been the challenges associated with lithium-ion batteries and specifically dealing with the aftermath of fires that have made media news headlines around the world; and not just in the marine sector either.

More column inches have been devoted to this technology than almost anything else it seems as the marine world continues its race to decarbonise. It appears we know far more now than we did a year ago, such as the use of metal boxes to contain a burning object and cooling the item as fast as possible to lower the temperature. These activities come with inherent risks of course. And once fire takes hold, as we have seen the result can be utterly devastating.

The International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) has written many words and published several associated articles on the subject and will continue to do so as more information comes to light in 2024, especially as official accident reports start to appear. The aim of this in-depth feature article is to reprise some of that content in scaled-down format from the sheer volume of published material and to put it all together in one place for the benefit of the maritime industry and surveying profession.

Download the 9 page feature article in pdf format: What we have learned about the dangers of lithium-ion batteries and fires