Transport of lithium-ion batteries – a continuous threat

The publishing of a whitepaper by insurance providers TT Club along with its fellow Thomas Miller managed business, UK P&I Club, and technical and scientific consultancy, Brookes Bell, brings greater awareness of the dangers inherent in the transport of lithium-ion batteries, particularly by sea. The increased demand for ‘green power’ for a wide range of […]

MPC summary report on Kind Leadership

The Maritime Professional Council of the UK (MPC) has published a summary report on Kind Leadership. This research was carried out for and on behalf of the MPC, triggered by the recent treatment of seafarers highlighted by the media, and the need to promote the professional standards required of leaders, both at sea, and ashore. […]

Recognising the risk of EVs

With decarbonisation and climate change policies at the forefront of the minds of both the public and governments, we are likely to see many changes to the world in which we live. One of the most noticeable will be the vehicles we drive. By 2030, the sale of internal combustion engine (ICE) propelled cars will […]

MPC highlights faulty diesel heater dangers

Lives are being put in danger by the use of copied spare parts for diesel heaters in small craft, the Maritime Professional Council (MPC) of the UK has warned, in the first industry Alert it has posted since its launch. MPC member, the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS), reports that it has become aware […]

One-shot publication from IIMS entitled 2021 Safety & Loss Prevention Briefings Compendium

The International Institute of Marine Surveying has published a special one-shot, 100-page publication, entitled the IIMS 2021 Safety & Loss Prevention Briefings Compendium. The broad aim of this compendium is to showcase incident and accident reports, and loss prevention measures/guidance that were issued in 2021, all easily accessible in one pdf document. Much of the […]

The Nautical Institute celebrates 50 years

In 2022 The Nautical Institute celebrates its 50th anniversary. The Institute plans to mark this milestone by hosting a series of international events looking ahead to the next 50 years. These include our AGM, conference and dinner in Plymouth, UK in July and more technical seminars, networking and celebratory events across the world. The theme […]